Digital Marketing Courses

Learn digital skills from industry experts, with over 5 years industry experience.

About PAL!

Purple Apex Learn (PAL) is a design, digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills learning Hub designed to help people have a better understanding of the digital world. The Hub focuses on imparting digital skills to the African community. Our vision is to enlighten people about the power of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Our Courses

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course


The Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course is a practical educational course designed to equip first-time individuals with digital marketing skills and industry-related experience to help them learn and improve their understanding of the digital marketing concepts and techniques. The course will also enlighten the learner to free tools available on the internet that can help to improve the experience. 

Computer Literacy Course


The Purple Apex Learn Computer Literacy Course is designed to equip the learn with basic computer skills. The course is structured for beginners and it guides them and introduces the learner to Microsoft computer software. 

Web & Graphic Design Course


The Purple Apex Learn Web & Graphic Designing Course is structured to equip students with the knowledge and skill on different design techniques and tools in website development and graphical material production. The course will also help the student to gain practical and industry-related experience and also engage with different gurus and experts in the industries. 

Entrepreneurship & Business Management Course


Entrepreneurship and business management is a course meant to define and equip individuals with enough information to make them capable of running their businesses as self-employed and graduate into entrepreneurs. In this course we will lay the fundamentals descriptions to show the difference between being a business person and an entrepreneur.